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Vanessa ( ADW 2012 ) has had worked featured in a new publication “Four swims and a picture” by poet Steve Mentz

Lambay Swim


Cave Contemporary – Museum/Art Gallery, Kanagawa, Japan

Chloe Brenan ( ADW 2013) and Chanelle Walshe are currently showing in NCAD Gallery exhibition ‘not life / necessarily’.

Image: (Left) ‘Untitled’ by Chloe Brenan (Right) ‘The Conjuring’ by Chanelle Walshe – See more at:

Vanessa Daws ( ADW 2012) is currently attending and creating new work for the BABEL Conference Santa Barbara.

Atoosa Pour Hosseini ( ADW 2013) and Ulla Juske ( ADW 2013) completed a residency and had an Exhibition “Tuul Teeb Laineid” (Wind Makes Waves) with 2 other artists in Estonia in Aug / Sept.

Info about the project:

Info about Exhibition: