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in all it’s glory photo of the finished installation at the Art Tunnel. Paul has been working with Fiona Gannon and Sorcha Murphy on the project.


Chloe Brennan has received a Thomas Dammann Junior Memorial Trust Awards which she will be using to travel to Dresden this summer as part of her research for the MA.

Ann was on Erasmus in NCAD in 2006. She has curated the below:

“In the shadow of Munch” is a celebration of  Edvard Munch born 150 years ago this year . Edvard Munch lived in Kragerø from 1909 to 1915 and therefore Ana has kept the stedspesifkk exhibitions in public spaces and there is also a symposium in Berg Museum. The exhibition and symposium are produced in collaboration with Kragerø Cultural Office and is supported by the Norwegian Council and Telemark County Council.


WAKE – A multi-sensorial Installation by K Bear Koss – Thursday 09 May @6pm

WAKE celebrates K’s return to solo exhibition. Created to’s specs, “the multimedia sculptural installations of this show are comprised of eight years’ worth of detritus, artefacts and abandoned materials. It is at once both the evidence of the passage of a massive undertaking, as well as the public viewing of a role and identity laid to rest. Contextually, it suggests behaviours of consumption and materialism, and the trails we all leave behind.”

Launch: Thursday 9th May, 6pm – 10pm
Exhibition continues until Sunday 19th May.
Exhibition is open 12 to 6pm on weekdays & 10am to 5pm weekends.

visual with border

Coracle Oracle

Satellite Studios, Hendrons Building, Upper Dominick Street, Dublin 7

stays open until this Friday 10th May! Opening hours are 12-4 daily

Mona : “Proof of Work” is a short video summarising some of the software, hardware, and wetware, involved in the research and production of my MA project: a digital theatre piece entitled “Notes from a Rehearsal/Standby” which was presented 5 June 2012.
(Footage drawn from screenshots and rehearsal documentation, edited 12 April 2012.)

Laragh Pittman (class of 2010) is doing this event (details below) on Saturday morning and has also made a map with artist Dorothy Smith for sale during the festival called ‘Trace – Mapping a walk along the Dry canal”. There is also a family day at the canal side in Phibsborough
Roísin McNamee (class of 2012) and Andrew Healy (class of 2012)are involved in building boats too as part of all this.

Arts Clinic Phizzfest 2013

Saturday 4th May 11a.m. – 1 p.m. Clarke’s Bar 36 Phibsborough Road

Dr. Ciara McMahon artist and medical practitioner with artist Laragh Pittman, will talk about their recent visit to the Bromley by Bow Centre in East London, an innovative, multi-dimensional arts, health and community development project which was first established in the mid 1980’s.

 This visit to London forms part of a research and development project in which the artists are planning to pilot a creative screening clinic within a primary healthcare practice.

The idea has grown out of the successful ‘Creative Check Up’ and ‘Aesthetic Screening Clinic’, which took place during Phizzfest 2012.

Ciara McMahon will also talk about the ‘deAppendix’ artist residency programme co-located in her Blackrock GP surgery.

The Saturday event will also be hosted by a creative café with refreshments, colourful edibles and scope for exploring your own creativity, facilitated by Laragh Pittman and artist Ulrika Holmkvist from the ‘Check Up Collective’.

Laragh Pittman