Sleepwalkers Publication
The publication extends the process that made up The Hugh Lane’s Sleepwalkers project. Artists Clodagh Emoe, Jim Ricks, Sean Lynch, Linda Quinlan, Lee Welch and Gavin Murphy have used the project as a place for research in the course of developing a solo exhibition at the gallery during 2012–14 and the publication in 2015. With each exhibition, the artists investigated the changing role of the museum and curator, as well as the collection and history of Dublin City Gallery The Hugh Lane.

Co-Published by Dublin City Gallery The Hugh Lane and Ridinghouse. Edited by Michael Dempsey and Logan Sisley; Pages created by the participating artists in this publication are accompanied with texts by Simon Critchley, Michael Dempsey, Chantal Mouffe, Karsten Schubert and Marysia Wieckiewicz-Carroll exploring current questions such as ‘what is an exhibition?’ and ‘how does the form of an exhibition come into being’?