Laragh Pittman (class of 2010) is doing this event (details below) on Saturday morning and has also made a map with artist Dorothy Smith for sale during the festival called ‘Trace – Mapping a walk along the Dry canal”. There is also a family day at the canal side in Phibsborough
Roísin McNamee (class of 2012) and Andrew Healy (class of 2012)are involved in building boats too as part of all this.

Arts Clinic Phizzfest 2013

Saturday 4th May 11a.m. – 1 p.m. Clarke’s Bar 36 Phibsborough Road

Dr. Ciara McMahon artist and medical practitioner with artist Laragh Pittman, will talk about their recent visit to the Bromley by Bow Centre in East London, an innovative, multi-dimensional arts, health and community development project which was first established in the mid 1980’s.

 This visit to London forms part of a research and development project in which the artists are planning to pilot a creative screening clinic within a primary healthcare practice.

The idea has grown out of the successful ‘Creative Check Up’ and ‘Aesthetic Screening Clinic’, which took place during Phizzfest 2012.

Ciara McMahon will also talk about the ‘deAppendix’ artist residency programme co-located in her Blackrock GP surgery.

The Saturday event will also be hosted by a creative café with refreshments, colourful edibles and scope for exploring your own creativity, facilitated by Laragh Pittman and artist Ulrika Holmkvist from the ‘Check Up Collective’.

Laragh Pittman